At Risk by Patricia Cornwell read by Kate Reading

This short sharp tale of a dominant woman D.A. who loves political office far too well adds new personae to the genealogy of Cornwell’s anger. Monique Lamonte, a moneyed, manipulative, Harvardy alpha female; Winn, her cop investigator pretty boy with a tarot-reading grandmother and a taste for Hugo Boss and Prada; Sykes, a pugnacious fortyish blondy girl agent from Tennessee, and Miss Dog, part beagle part Shepard part deaf part blind neighborhood pet.

In the middle of orchestrating an “Any Crime, Any Time” campaign to solve old crimes and open old cases, D.A. Lamonte is raped.

How does a dominant female sound when she’s bound and spread-eagled on her own King size bed by a man with a pistol?

“I’m a whore. I’m nothing but a filthy whore…”

The stuff of fantasies for many Cornwell fans, no doubt. But all the sex takes place off-stage. And the only thing that’s really fantastic is the way forensics can read twenty year old ruffled panties a la DNA for evidence as accurate as it is damning.