Bill and Steve and the Wall Street Journal’s bad grammar

Today’s Wall Street Journal reports that Messrs. Gates and Jobs joked about the famous Apple commercials showing a boring P.C. suit and an eternally nerdy Mac user at a Carlsbad, California D: All Things Digital conference.

“The art of those commercial is not to be mean. It’s for the guys to like each other,” Mr. Jobs said, looking at a disbelieving Mr. Gates who shifted in his chair and scratched his chin.

“PC guy is great,” Mr. Jobs said.

“His mother loves him,” Mr. Gates said.

Incredible the ungrammatical Jobs or the unproofread text of the Wall Street Journal. Moreso in light of the fact that the WSJ organized and filmed this event, which it then wrote up and publicized via email through its Technology Alerts to thousands of subscribers. A pity. RBR will be tracking the Journal’s grammar and spelling and syntactical mistakes, against the price of it’s stock. Let’s see how much a missing letter costs.