Pamela Kelley Six Months in Montana

A sweet perfectly staged gem of a romance, with no excessive sexual details and no drawn out “chapter 4” breakup before coming back together. An uncle’s unusual bequest puts a hold on Molly’s hotel management career: she is compelled to help out an old friend by agreeing to marry and live with him for 6 months, as per the condition in his uncle’s will.

While sharing a home with her new husband and his surly cook,  Molly organizes and opens up a B & B called “Rose Cottage”. The two fall in love, of course, an old girlfriend introduces some unpleasantness in the mix, and the six months come to a close without any verbal promises or commitments.

Molly wants to stay but Christian is certain that she should return to New York to give her dream promotion a chance. She does….. And yet there is a happy ending. Have a listen.