The ExPats by Chris Pavone read by Mozhan Marno

Do you really want to hear a book about a woman who lies to her husband as a part of her job? About a wife who makes herself lovable by pretending not to know where Luxembourg is, and then insisting that it doesn’t exist, and then bitching about its size? All in the first trial chapter, downloadable from Audible for Free. Gratis. For Nothing.

Blindman’s Bluff by Faye Kellerman read by Mitch Greenburg

A few Jewish words referring to a few ritual baked goods eaten by a few Jews does not a Jewish novel make. Nor does a description of a modestly clad woman with her hair tied back by a long scarf. If the Peter Decker novels wielded some specific charm by virtue of their glimpse into orthodox Jewish life, that charm is gone. Gone too is the charm of an utterly believable relationship of utterly believable characters: husband and wife Peter and Rina. Instead we have an infinitely patient, infinitely wise, infinitely understanding wife who agrees with her husband agreeably, and a pouty teenaged daughter that contributes nothing to the conversation or the scenery but red hair. A police procedural on Prozac.