Robert K. Tanenbaum: Gotham

Remember once upon at time when you watched BATMAN because the last episode had Batman hanging by his toes over a vat of melted rubber hoses? And you had to tune in to the same Bat time, same Bat station to find out what happened? And even though you knew (sort of) that Batman would be OK, there was always the possibility that the music would end, and after a few WHAMs and KAZOOMs  the bad guys would win?

Well bad things happen in Karpland — Islamic terrorists try to

  • 1. bomb the  Brooklyn Bridge
  • 2. crash the New York  Stock Market
  • 3. assassinate an Honest Senator
  • 4. take over St. Patricks Cathedral and do evil to its holy hostages
  • 5. drive suicide bread trucks filled with bombs through Borough Park
  • 6. Dress up as Chassidic Jews
  • 7. Pour money into Mosques in Harlem in order to train black Muslims to join the Jihad against the U.S. Constitution

And the law is alive….