Seduced by Sunday by Catherine Bybee read by Tanya Eby

Meg, a rude, prickly, well dressed matchmaker goes to a celebrity resort with a famous actor, hiding his homosexuality. The resort promises privacy, secrecy, security. She spars and eventually falls in love with the owner. But instead of privacy and secrecy, the resort harbors someone who takes pictures of the actor and his boyfriend… The plot is pebbled with a minimum of romantic fluff and moves briskly.


Details: Seduced by Sunday by Catherine Bybee read by Tanya Eby

Price: Kindle Unlimited + $1.99

Whom Not To Marry by Father Pat Connor Read by Robin Sachs

Friendly, low-key, perspicacious suggestions on how to think about a marriage, how to prepare for it, and how to judge a potential marriage partner. Humorous anecdotes drive home the way to work your beliefs into your relationships. A mother who believes in original sin knows that every human being is fundamentally flawed so she doesn’t expect rational behavior from her husband, her children or her houseguests:

I allow my husband two moments of insanity per day, I allow each of my children three moments of insanity per day, and I’ve been allowing you four.

Kellerman’s Gone

Couples. Kellerman’s shrink narrator is full of meticulous, obsessive, data-driven characterizations of L.A. couples and couplings. Milos and Rick, for instance.

Rick gets his hair trimmed every two weeks at a high priced West Hollywood salon. Milos drives every two months to La Brea and Washington where he hands his 7 bucks + tip to an 89 year old barber who claims to have cut Eisenhower’s hair during World War II.

What makes a couple couple in L.A? What makes couples live and die in L.A. — as couples? Consider Alex Delaware and his exes. They come, they go, they come back, they go….

L.A. kills couples, sometimes permanently.