Drek, in pink: Wolves in Chic Clothing by Karasyov and Kargman, read by Gasteyer

When the big brained businessmen of Europe come home, they don’t want brainy, brilliant, succulent text. They want fashionable, gossipy, obscenely stupid words popping out of fashionable, gossipy, obscenely stupid secretarial types. On heels. They want to come to America, for a night. And wake up in England. For them, we suggest the newest round of Chic-lets: starting with Carrie Karasyov’s and Jill Kargman’s (Authors of The Right Address it says in slim pink letters, right on the cover, next to a picture of ultra-slim headless female figures in sexy business suits, pink shirts, stiletto heels) Wolves in Chic Clothing (it says in three tones of 18px serifated font, right on the cover, next to the picture of the blonde in the black turtleneck with tight nude panty-hose, sans skirt). No need to tell us what the book is about because the book is not about anything. Enough to know that Carrie and Jill both grew up on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, that they are oedipalized, husbanded, and child-bearing. (Lucky like you, reader!) And that the lovely climbing thing reading this Chick-let is best known for her six year run on Saturday Night Live, that she (along with everyone else in the civilized world) has appeared in Law & Order. And that the pink plaid Random House Audio book cover was designed by Jean Traina and illustrated by Monika Roe. Everything a librarian needs to know to order a little drek for a European mind on vacation. Enjoy.