Jennifer Crusie read by Aasne Vigesaa: Faking It

“Poker was second only to pool in Michael Dempsey’s skills his children should have.”

How can you not lose your shirt to the writer of such a genealogy?

This is Crusie as good as she was inTemptation read by the unrememberable, unpronouncable name who does Marilyn Monroe better than MM, and twirls the whole narration into a Macy Grey song.

Rogues: children of rogues, Tilda and Dempsey are lying in bed and Dempsey is trying to sink a pocket into Tilda and Tilda is explaining that she has a long term relationship with an appliance and besides, she has a headache. He tells her that this is the first time he’s heard the line spoken in real life….She stipulates:

“Hey do you pay any attention to me at all…?
“I paid attention to you last night.”
“To what you were doing. Not to me!”
“You were what I was doing.”
“It’s not like you talked to me. It’s not like you made eye contact.”
“Hey, my mouth was full. And my head was between your thighs. You want eye contact you gonna have to lean down….”

And then, a minute later:

“…How about a threesome: you, me, and the machine?”

Crusie is very very smart, very very funny, and so much more competent as a writer than the zoo of typists generating chick-lit that one finds oneself thinking: English Literature.