State of Fear by Michael Crichton read by George Wilson

Sharpen your pencils, open your looseleaf, sit up, take notes. This is an impressive, intelligent, well researched white-paper-thriller about silly, soppy, environmental theories and the well-funded, well publicized, well-established bureaucracies which profit by circulating them.

‘State of Fear’ is the coinage of a ‘Mental Ecologist’ whose hysterical critique of a toxic educational system and a Schumpeterian intellectual class is dead on.

There’s a cute, sissy lawyer; two femdoms; a kindhearted millionaire; and a handful of pissy, recognizable assholes: TV newsmen, marketing executives, graduate students, spoiled, wealthy wives with pet causes…..

Not idiot friendly. Thanks for that, MC.

Posted Date: 12/20/2004 8:09 pm