NIGHT FALL by Nelson Demille Narrated by Scott Brick

Like listening to a brand new Stones album (if you’re old enough to know what an album is…)

If a video of you coveting your neighbor’s wife captured the downing of TWA Flight 800 in 1996 would you rally to the Flag and turn it in?

Night Fall is full of new and fun federal abbreviations (MFIC), NYC slurs (next to the Vietnamese place called Fuck U), and Arab jokes (What’s the difference between an Arab and a woman with PMS?).

So quotable the only thing to do is quote:
“….We’re not supposed to talk about anything sensitive in a taxi especially if the driver’s name is Abdul which is this guy’s name on his hack licence, so to pass the time I asked Abdul:
“How long have you been in this country?”
He glanced back at me, then replied: “Oh, about ten years sir.”
“What do you think happened to TWA flight 800?”
Kate said: “JOHN.”
I ignored her and repeated the question…..

John and Kate are married: “I strapped on my 9 mm glock which … is a copy of my old police issued piece. Kate strapped on her glock… Her’s is bigger than mine but I’m a very secure guy so it doesn’t bother me much.”

Special Agent Kate Mayfield and John have a healthy relationship: “The Federal government and all its employees are very sensitive to the rights and feelings of all minorities, recent immigrants, Native Americans, puppydogs, forests and endangered species of slime-mold. I, on the other hand, lack this sensitivity and my level of progressive thinking is stuck somewhere around the time when police regulations were re-written to prohibit beating confessions out of suspects. In any case, special agent Mayfield and I … do communicate. And I had noticed in the last year that we were learning from each other. She was using the F word more and calling more people assholes while I was becoming more sensitive to the inner anguish of people who were fuckheads and assholes.”

Kate and John are honest with each other:

Kate: “You’re putting on a little weight.”
John: “It’s the horizontal stripes on my tie.”

Kate and John do not have children:
“…the mobile playing ITS A SMALL WORLD was winding down and the kid was getting worried. He started making these sounds like he was yelling at the mobile to get moving. Marie stood and rewound the thing, cooing to me or to Junior: ‘Little boy loves his happy faces’. Twenty years from now, this kid was going to become a serial killer who hums Its a small world while he murders his victims.”

John does Bond:

I stood put on my jacket and said to Harry: “Beep me if some one calls a meeting.”
“Where you going?”
“On a dangerous mission. I may not return.”
“If you do, would you get me a Polish sausage on a stick?”

And Nelson Demille does funny. And its as wonderful as listening to a brand new Stones album (if you’re old enough to know what an album is…) Bravo!

Posted Date: 01/04/2005 8:51 am