Son of Stone: Drek II

Women are trained to make excuses for bad behavior. Here are some for Stuart Woods’  latest fictions:

1. Since James Bond, we all know that there are no married heroes of crime novels.  Stone Barrington can’t survive as Stone: cool, urban, sexual gourmand, in married bliss.  The minute Stone married Arrington she was doomed.

2. Woods’ predominantly male readership is carrying such huge hostility toward women over into the second decade of the 21st century that the only way to appease them is to kill at least one bitch per novel. Arrington was this year’s bitch.

3. The scene between a middle aged woman slapping a man with whom she is alone in a semi-finished house in the Virginia countryside is not  unrealistic, badly written dribble but the sly BDSM fantasy of every middle aged man with a faltering prostrate.