Winter of Secrets by Vicki Delany read by Carrington MacDuffie

Every hyphenated family is unhappy in its own way. And so the Wyatt-Yarmouth family is unhappy not only because its son has died in a small town in British Columbia where a sweet, incompetent, merry constable is trying to keep the peace. There is also a venomous unpretty daughter, an insecure husband, and a dispassionate wife, member of the Order of Canada.

Fresh, overcurious and awkward, Constable Molly Smith is singularly naive, singularly enthusiastic, and singularly unaccustomed to her office.

Molly (nee Moonlight) with her short, red-haired, hippie ex-patriot mother and her draft dodger father, is at the center of a local catchment of friends, neighbors, merchants and townspeople who treat her like their favorite niece. With her polite, blushing demeanour she is the key to the authenticity of each Canadian mystery, as she accompanies Detective Sargeant Winters in his interrogation of suspects.