The Second Chair by John T. Lescroart

Fri Feb 20, 2004

Interesting how beauty and moral corruption are coupled in Lescroart’s typical female. Especially the typical female lawyer. Messaging sexuality, too rich, too smart, too independent, too competitive:: the wet dream bitch of every lawyer wearing panties underneath his three piece suit.

The black-oriental female associate working at Hardy Dismas’ law firm is in her drunk, irresponsible, promiscuous phase….

Occasionally, she gets a case. The bad little boy of a big rich father is accused of killing his girlfriend and his drama teacher….

The bitch milks daddy for money without even talking to the kid, fucks up in court, and is rescued, as are all good little bad little girls, by Dismas, saint of lockpicks and thieves. Herummph. More…
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Read by David Colacci. Director, J.C. Howe ; Engineer, Mike Council. 10 sound cassettes (14 hrs.) : analog Unabridged Library ed. a formulaic and statistically safe legal cookie v. innocence, etc.