Lisa Scottoline read by Kate Burton:: Mary goes to Missoula

Bennie’s office of girls has moved uptown, and become a good hair office. The Good Italian Catholic girl and the Giant California Blonde combine glib girly gall with smart search skills to reconstruct, redress and prosecute a 60 year old wrong.

Mary (GIC-girl) is obsessed with an old case about an old immigrant and sets off for Wyoming because someone doesn’t want her to.

Judy who climbs mountains for fun (Mary once saw a photo of Judy’s family and thought they worked for Comcast Cable….) encourages her:

“Do you even know where Wyoming is?
“Sure, somewhere on the left.”
“Do you know what an antelope looks like?
“Sure, a dog with horns.”

South Philly accent well done by Kate Burton, who makes Mary sound smart and gullible, smart and nutty, smart and frilly. Lovable combinations. Law and fiction, fiction and law.