Blindsided by Karen Slaughter

Wed Sep 08, 2004
After P. Cornwell it is impossible or almost impossible to fob off a respectable forensic report, fake a fictional autopsy, or counterfeit the routine day to day life of an imaginary female coroner. If you want to be taken seriously, that is. The rather silly scene that begins this text — of Dr. Sarah, pediatrician and part time coroner, sliding about on the bloody girls room floor, a corpse in her lap — does nothing to establish seriosity, as it were…. Is this for real? After all, it is fiction… Well, there’s an ex-husband who’s the local sheriff. There’s a gob of sexually jaundiced criminality. And a serial killer who can’t swim. Indeed, that’s the moral of the story: if you’re going to crucify women, learn how to swim. Otherwise you haven’t got a chance, ducky….
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