Beverly Hills Dead by Stuart Woods read by Tony Roberts

The House of UnAmerican Activities Committee (on which sits Dick Nixon) is looking for Communists, and finds a few poor schmucks in Hollywood. Some Jews are inquisitioned, black-listed, and disappeared from the credits. Their words are found in screenplays by unknowns from Wyoming and Maine.

Other Jews give advise. Like Hyman Greenbaum:

Don’t buy a car until you can pay cash for it. And it should be used. You should live modestly. And don’t go to expensive restaurants unless the studio or somebody else is paying. You keep putting money in the bank. You don’t marry a co-star. You don’t buy a house until you can pay cash. You don’t ever take a job because of the location or the costar or even the director. You take jobs for good scripts, that’s all. If you can stick to that program you’ll become very rich. . . They’re going to want you to see a dentist… I’ll make them pay for it.

Good advise for any post-war generation.