WHERE THE TRUTH LIES by Rupert Holmes. Read by Anna Gosteyer and Michael McEan.

  Published by Random House. Pub Date p2003.

Cutesy 70’s Lois Lane tells odd, offbeat, seriously funny story of buddy-comedians (Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis? Bob Hope and Bing Crosby?) bound by repressed hostility (Freud) and girlicide.

“. . .the world is divided up into four different types of broads. Sluts that I boff. Nice girls who in bed turn into sluts. Nice girls who remain nice in bed. These I generally leave for the working stiffs because civilians need to get laid too. And my mother. Her I don’t boff despite the name my manager calls me in moments of anger. I have no desire to boff my mother; I sort of have that in common with my father. [JOKE!]”