Bernadette Dunne reads Work Less Make More by Jennifer White

This is so well read, so well thought out, so well organized that it stands out as a motherlode of precious advise for anybody who wants to work better, be better, CHANGE.

Remember your fifth grade teacher? The one that was a little pretty, a little strict, a little scary? The one that somehow taught you short division? Well, here she is. Standing over you while you pull out your journal, and think carefully before you answer.

Structured like a 5th grade workbook divided into modules, with fact sets, homework questions, thinking assignments, and morals (i.e. the moral of this story is ______), it turns you, inevitably, into a fifth grader: in other words, a student.

Buy a composition book, two #2 pencils, and a big eraser.

Linda Fairstein Death Dance read by Barbara Rosenblat

Ghoul: An evil spirit or demon in Muslim folklore believed to plunder graves and feed on corpses.

There is a ghoulish, golemic, East European element that surfaces in the life of every dishy Jewish blonde A.D.A. in NYC. A specific perversion, a senselessness knocks at her door just before it becomes evil, or criminal, or comic.

She is buried alive in the Botanical Gardens by a paraphiliac with a love of Poe. She is held captive in the Metropolitan Opera while a stage hand fingers her inner thigh. She opens a letter which bursts into flames and spoils her hairdo.

Indeed, one of the most lovable qualities of Alex(andra) Cooper, daughter and heir of a man who invented a widget, is the way the forces of weirdness tag at her heels.

For example. She talks to a Turkish intern who likes to rape unconscious women while Mike and Mercer try to trace his number. They can’t. Alex groans: “How come this works on T.V. and in the movies but when I need it the system fails?”
Well, blondie, because the 212 area code is not from the Upper West Side but from Ankara, Turkey … It’s not incompetence. It’s not idiocy. It’s something else.

P.S. I Love You by Cecilia Ahern Narrated by Bernadette Dunne

Holly is a youngish, prettyish, slightly loopy, Dublinite whose happy husband tells her what to do. Everybody jokes that if Gerry ever died, he would have to leave her a list … and when he dies, he does. Leave a list. Sort of. Holly is given 10 envelopes, with instructions, signed P.S. I love you….

Yes, it works. The instructions… and the story. Holly gets by with a little help from her friends. Sweet, well accented, light and funny.

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Crouching Buzzard, Leaping Loon by Donna Andrews read by Bernadette Dunne

Geek gaming firm with mascots (wounded buzzard, psychopathic dog) sets up shop in small Western town but needs a Wendy to clean up and organize the Peter Pans. Enter Californian Meg Lanslow to clean up their books – and before she finds out whats going on everybody’s least favorite programmer is murdered…. Is it the shrink with a radio show who gives advice to lovesick husbands? Is it the nasty capitalist landlord? Is it one of the temps? Funny, witty and perfectly read by the singular voice of Bernadette Dunne.