Random Victimy

Looking for a good mystery, I start listening to a story about:

…a woman with nightmares about a recent firey accident who has a dinner party. A malicious event leads her to confront the caterer, who tells her to ask her husband about it. We find out much later that the husband is a jerk, that he has been screwing another woman as well as the books.

…..an Amish woman who becomes involved with an Englisher policeman. The same policeman who has arranged for her parents to be murdered, so that he can marry and control and gas light her.

…a Texan police officer who discovers a baby girl safely deposited at the police station. The female cop investigates to find that the baby is the result of a cult leader who has sexually abused an underaged worshipper.

…a veterinary pathologist who goes home and saves an unprofitable neighborhood veterinary practice . His first case involves a man who brings the family dog to be euthanized after lying about his identity as well as his dog’s. His second case involves a gold digger who has gifted an elderly cat owner with a zirconium engagement ring, which shows up on the X-ray….

Still lacking a good listen, I seek an audio book without an immediate and obvious victim, without any abused women, children, dogs or priests. Ideas?