Death in a Wine-Dark Sea by Lisa King

A nympho wine reviewer with a boyfriend who doesn’t like to fuck on boats looks for a killer in San Francisco. But there are no localized mappings, detailing the city or its’ neighborhoods, except for traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge. Likewise, don’t expect any happy wine tasting menu — there’s nothing here except for a wine bottle used to knock out a bad guy. Jeanne has silver hair — since she was 18 — and toddler type temper tantrums which are described as emotions. She uses her anger to dominate and seduce, and turns up one clue after another in her first detective gig. She hates high heels, but can dress up for parties and to tease out suspects. An interesting but unlikable character, not feminine but feminized, and tall.

Switchback by Mathew Klein read by Chris Patton

Timothy Van Bender’s beautiful, disappointed wife signed a pre-nuptial agreement which protected Timothy’s inherited wealth from the contingency of her (slightly embarrassing) lower class. When she commits suicide, Timothy is left with a failing hedge fund, a not-yet redecorated house in Silicon Valley, his membership at the Menlo Circus Club, where executives indicted for securities fraud bring their second wives, and a lot of disinformation about his twenty year marriage. Alcohol and a hunger for capital ‘incentivizes’ lots of confused and desperate beliefs: Timothy invests in a biogenetic engineer who promises him a new body, alongside a new version of his old wife. Timothy stops off at a bar, just before committing suicide and discovers that things are not at all as they seem to be. Fast, twisted, well told morality tale.