Power Play by Joseph Finder read by Dennis Boutsikaris

Jake is the kind of guy that tells his girlfriend to stop using some pheromonal perfume by Clinique because it “messes with his head”. But apart from perfume, he is singularly unfussed. He is streetwise, he is attentive, and he belongs inside his own body. But he belongs nowhere else.

I shrugged. I guess that ‘s the advantage of being a low level flunkee. Im not a member of the team – you know what they say – the nail that sticks up gets hammered down.

Jake doesn’t stick up. Sheryl, his new CEO, would lift an eyebrow to express disapproval for Jake’s iconoclastic white trash camouflage. But she has had too much Botox.

Instead, she brings Jake along on an ‘off site’ (an extended compulsory ‘breakfast club’ for naughty executives).

Where Jake sticks up, and saves the day.