IRRESISTABLE IMPULSE by Robert K Tanenbaum::Connor O’Brien

Connor O’Brien, our man in Pluto, does Tanenbaum, and all of his staggeringly brilliant, souls: Butch Karp, ex pro basketball player & New York A.D.A.; Mar-LENE, his smart, sexy, Sicilian one-eyed private eye wife; ex-cop Dead Harry, who props up the depressive position; Tron, Viet Cong assassin & Noodle maker, who helps Mar rid harried, scared and stalked NYC females of pathologically hostile lovers and wife-beaters when he’s not reading Rimbaud; Posie, simple jolly slut and full time pot-smoking nanny of the Karp twins, Zik & Zak, diplomat and gun-nut; Lionel Waley, Ace defense attorney, wizard of legal motions, who wins the final basketball game in court. Swish.